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On your website Escorts in Barcelona we will like to awaken your interest with a number of curios facts about the penis that perhaps you don´t know. There will always be different types of male member, but the fact is that every man cherishes his as the ultimate representation of his manhood and virility. You want to know some striking information that revolve around this sexual organ. Keep reading and learn more.

Basic functionality

The penis is formed by a series of muscles, veins, arteries, nerves, and spongy corpora cavernous. Perceptible and visible member areas are the base, the trunk, crown and glans . It is precisely in the trunk where the erectile tissue (composed of two corpora cavernous and one spongy) whose function is to increase penis size up to four times more than normal when erections.

Inside the spongy body it is the urethra, formed by channels through which semen and urine is expelled. This comes to a hole at the end of the glans which is an area of great sensitivity and may or may not be coated with a loose skin called the foreskin, if previously the man was not surrounded.

Having briefly explained the anatomy of the penis are highlighted as essential functions: urination and everything related to sex.

Curious Facts about the penis

You’ve seen previously curiosities about the vagina and today will discuss interesting information about male genitalia:

  • The penis has seniority. According to records it existed 425 million years ago in a particular species of marine diversity. A crustacean called ecplepticos Colymbosathon or “swimmer large penis” had a very similar organ member of man.
  • If we talk about the average size of an erect penis is 13.12 centimeters and a flaccid one would be around 9.16 centimeters, but if we turn to questions of “records”, we have the longest measuring 24 centimeters member normal and 34.3 cm during erection; this would now, since back in time to find the maximum mark remains the Russian monk Grigori Rasputin (it is said that when he erections his penis was 40 centimeters).
  • Iceland has a penises museum , is in the north of the island Húsavík, and they presumed to be those with the largest and most extensive collection of specimens of various species, of course, some remain desiccated and others in formalin.
  • A single teaspoon of sperm provides the body about 7 calories .
  • According to some statistics, one out of every 400 men has sufficient elasticity to practiced himself oral sex. I would encourage you to try your level after finishing reading?
  • The climax in men lasts on average 6 seconds and ejected between 1.5 and 6 milliliters of semen.
  • The most active person was the King Fatefehi of Tonga. His life was spent between sex, sex and more sex because it is believed that deflowered 37,800 women were at least 7 per day.
  • The foreskin is one of the few parts of the skin that does not transpires, also through science it serves to produce new skin. Yes, as you read, someone surrounded foreskin produces 23 thousand square meters of skin and with it adipose tissue can be grown to replenish skin lesions.

What did you think about these curious facts about the penis? If them have aroused your interest and suddenly you want to put it to work we leave these tips for hiring a escort and enjoy their luxury or if you prefer recommend it to your friends.

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