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In escorts in Barcelona we will tell all you need to know about fetishism . Not everyone reaches sexual pleasure in the same way, there are those who need the presence of an object or having contact with any part of the body of the other person -which are not the genitals- to get excited. Want to know more about these practices? Keep reading this post.

Fascination for an object

Fetishism is a very common sexual manifestation very common in men, but not exclusive of them. Women also have their “objects of desire”. Anything can cause a person’s fascination: legs, breasts, hair, feet… even the machines, mannequins, insects, tattoos, etc.

This behavior refers to the attraction to an inanimate object to achieve sexual pleasure. It can be any part of the body that the person should touch, smell, bite or have some kind of contact with it. But as we can see, it can also be something external. Even owning sex toys is considered fetishist.

In addition to excited through objects, there are certain situations that can awaken the desire like to be touched without consent or have sex in public places, which is related to the feeling of be discovered at any time. Some fetishes are common, others quite strange, but whenever the people involved agree with these practices and do not cause harm to anyone, are considered normal.

This concept is often confused with the sexual fantasies ; however, the difference is that these are part of the things you like to do at some point, and the fetish must be present to achieve pleasure.

There is a line between healthy practices in these situations from a problem that needs psychological help. When the object becomes the only way to get aroused and have an orgasm we have a paraphilia that requires the intervention of a professional. But if it is a complement of the relationship, there is no problem.

Most common fetishes

To be aware of all you need to know about fetishism, you have to know what are the most common practices. Some are not unknown for sure, as the attraction towards the feet, wearing high heels during sex, latex clothes, touching the hair, among others. Know other behaviors fetishists, sure some will surprise you.

Voyeurism is to achieve pleasure watching other people having sex or just nudity. It is one of the most common, but sometimes is not understood as a fetish. In the same line we find the troilism that is watching the partner having sex with a third.

When the attraction is to people who have tattoos, body piercings or scars, this is called stigmatophilia. The erotic asphyxiation is conduct that includes strangling partner or yourself to increase pleasure. This has to be practiced with great care because it can cause death if left unchecked.

Other fetish consist attraction by statues, tears, storms, to people dressed as animals, to be treated like babies, domination, submission, wear underwear of the opposite sex, among many others.

One of the characteristics of fetishists is that they need to have contact with their object of desire with all five senses. Do you think it is worth trying with some of these practices? If so, why not do it with one of our escorts in Barcelona, who are willing to show even more of all you need to know about fetishism.

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