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In Escorts in Barcelona we want to speak today about a subject that has been the focus of many studies, with very different results between each other, we’ll try to define the rules to enjoy a friendship with benefits. Maintaining intimate relationships with someone you known can strengthen or destroy your ties completely. Have you ever thought about going to bed with a friend? In that case you should read this post before closing the deal.

Why you should have (or not) sex with a friend?

A friendship with benefits or FWB, as they are also known, begin in different ways and evolve according to the expectations that each one of the people involved have. Studies say that in all friendship between a man and a woman, there is always physical attraction, so that basically keep that relationship because the other person is a potential sexual partner.

What happens when we cross that line and decided to take the friendship to bed? It is at this point where the investigations done achieved different results on the subject. On one side are those who have found that friendship is destroyed because one of the people involved develops romantic feelings toward each other.

Others, however, say that the relationship is strengthened after having sex. Let’s get something clear, both options are possible, as is also possible that the couple ends up falling in love and starting a stable relationship (but these cases are exceptional, so do not have sex with a friend/a thinking that you will be together in the future).

When we have things clear, sex with a friend is fun, satisfying and convenient if we need to get laid without strings attached. Because friends know each other, they are aware of the preferences of the other, trust each other, if the type of relationship is clear they do not demand too much attention, there may be some attraction between them and the best part, they can remain friends.

But behind this kind of relationships there is always a risk, so it is necessary to have clear the rules to enjoy a friendship with benefits.

Recommendations for a relationship of friends with benefits

Maintain good communication is the foundation of any relationship, even like this, so from the beginning both people must put the cards on the table and be clear that at any moment it will end. Here we give you some rules that you should consider if you want to take the friendship to this level:

  • Be clear with your expectations: sex between friends fails most of the time because no rules at the beginning of the relationship are defined, creating unrealistic expectations in any of those involved. The idea of these relationships is to enjoy, so at the possibility of hurting someone is better not to continue and value the friendship that already exists.
  • Keep the relationship private: first, even when other people keep this kind of relationship, there is always the possibility they reject your “special friendship”; second, if you’re trying to keep your feet on the ground with this relationship, you do not want your family and friends think you’re serious about it.
  • No dating outside the bedroom: It is a great mistake to start dating outside the bed because you can finish more involved with each other than you expect.
  • Sex is not an obligation: few reject an intimate session, but if one of you is not in the mood, you will have another opportunity to do so. None is bound to no one and this does not have to become a problem.
  • Forget jealousy: in this relationship there’s no strings attached, you are just friends who have sex occasionally, so the two of you can have appointments with other people at any time.

We hope you take advantage of these rules to enjoy a friendship with benefits that we offered you in Escorts in Barcelona. Have you had experience with this kind of relationship? Tell us how you made it work.

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