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Every human being seeks time to refuge in pleasure. There is nothing more liberating than the climax during the intercourse because you eliminate stress and enjoy the moment. Today on your website Escorts in Barcelona we are going to talk about an interesting topic: origin of the female orgasm. While it is part of physiological manifestations after satiate the need for sex, few know its influence in history and here we tell you about it. Sounds interesting? Do not miss this post specially written for you.

Neuroendocrine intense reflection

The word orgasm comes from the Greek word “orgh” that means “crave”. Obviously, it consists in an excitement stage of few seconds. When you get it, your body experiences some physical functions filling people with sensations. What happens at that moment? The clitoris, perineum, uterus and vagina contract themselves. There are things you didn’t know about the vagina .

On the other hand, the nipples harden, heart begins to rush and all blood vessels dilate. If you wonder why you stay so relaxed at the end of the intercourse it is because orgasm helps endorphin secretion, a substance that provides feelings of well-being and relaxation. The ways are varied, the idea is to explore and know more your intimate area. Apart from sex, there are games, masturbation and cunnilingus.

The origin of orgasm

When men reach their peak of pleasure; they transfer the sperm to the woman. That´s why, it has always been known its role in reproduction… but in case of the female gender all of them can get pregnant without an orgasm, then, what’s the function? According to recent studies made by Yale University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, there’s an answer.

It is confirmed that female orgasm had an impact to ensure the survival of species since ancient times, because in the evolutionary past its function induced ovulation. Also, as human was suffering her transformation, the clitoris was moving from place too.

Getting to these findings implied a focus on physiological characteristics of female orgasm: liberation of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin. The hypothesis was based on the ovulation cycle, refers that this reiterative process is completely independent of sexual activity in humans, however, in case of mammals (cat, ferret, rabbit, etc.) is induced by copulation so this neuroendocrine reflection can represent an evolutionary signal.

Specifically, orgasm in women adapted to direct reproductive role, beyond being the reflection that drove ovulation ancestrally, to have a secondary role of giving only pleasant moments.

About the clitoris and the new position in the body (it was within the vagina and then placed permanently in the vulva as a hidden erectile organ). The researchers report this anatomy change may have generated, during the penetration, that this organ do not received the appropriate stimulation to culminate with climax.

This has been a brief review of the origin of female orgasm. If read it produce you the urgent need to have them, we present you our luxury escort Vaness, you will not forget the experience. What’s your opinion about the topic? There is no doubt that when science and pleasure mix together, you get unforgettable memories. Remember to share the post on social networks if you liked it.

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