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Escorts in Barcelona enumerate the Spanish’s favorite sex toys, a list provide by some erotic shops that have qualified the preferences of their customers in this items. In recent years, this market has grown in the country to rekindle sexuality of the couple or just out of curiosity.

What are the favorite toys?

Erotic stores found a very receptive public in the Spanish market and during recent years have had significant growth, with annual bills of 500 million euros a year according to a study by Dolce Love, a specialist franchise on tuppersex meetings.

The clients are mostly young women, but there are also couples seeking greater intensity during sex adding this item and breaking the myth that toys are only to be used alone.

The increase on sales of these items is based on events such as the development of a less uninhibited society that sees in sex toys a way to increase the fun, but it also has some therapeutic nuance to the relationship .

Fulfilling fantasies and end routine are the main objectives of the Spanish’s favorite sex toys. They come within a very large catalog for both men and women; with different functions and intensities ranging. From an innocent game to the practice of BDSM that includes domination, submission and sadomasochism.

Let’s see what are the Spanish’s favorite sex toys:

  • Stimulants oils: This is not a toy but is one of the items most sold in Spain for use in pairs. Its function is to increase arousal during foreplay and; like the stimulating creams, they increase sexual response.
  • Vibrators: You can say that this is the king of sex toys in Spain. They are for using alone or with a partner. There is a very wide range, from the most discreet not call much attention if they are neglected in the nightstand or your purse to the most grotesque. There are variety of lengths, thicknesses and multispeed. Rather, there is one for every taste. Among the best sellers is the We Vibe, a model with Bluetooth connection that is remotely controlled from the mobile.
  • Chinese Balls: One of the most popular items among women in the country are these balls that not only serve to foreplay, but to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Among the popular toys vibrators also find rings, anal plugs, masks and sexy lingerie.

Choose your favorite

If you’ve never used one but want to experiment with some erotic game, you can start with something simple like a mask, having blindfolded you will strengthen your other senses. There are also games that will fill your sex sessions playfully or you can use a simple vibrator to stimulate the erogenous zones.

To enjoy a different time, our luxury escort Jacqueline will be a good company on your games.

These are the Spanish’s favorite sex toys. Which one do you prefer?

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