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In your Web escorts in Barcelona want to talk about the most common sexual fantasies, both men and women have this kind of erotic fantasies, these thoughts are in the minds of people and can be created by the imagination of the person, or by a trigger of something they saw (movie, book, photography, object, etc.), including anything that causes sexual arousal can produce a fantasy. By the nature of these ideas is often difficult to move from what is thought to practice, sometimes people are inhibited to talk about it because of cultural taboos. Read on and learn more.

You can not hide your fantasies

Sexual fantasies are natural, they are always with you, they are often a way out of habit and routine. They are a form of liberation, you don’t have to feel it’s wrong to have them, or that they are a sign of a problem with your current sex life.

Nothing is set in terms of fantasies, everyone has different ideas, for some can be a long and complicated history, for others it may be something short and quick. Anyway, these ideas arouse sexual feelings.

Experts say that this is important for a good sexual health, although there is no conclusive study on this, experts don´t know exactly what are the differences between men and women in this subject, this because it is difficult to scientifically measure the subject, it has been done through questionnaires only, and we know that people often lie.

About the most common sexual fantasies

There are fantasies of them and they, know some of them:

  • The perfect lover: one of the most common fantasies of men and women is to have the perfect, handsome or beautiful lover, who fulfills all our desires and fully satisfies us. With which you can experiment with different positions, the perfect atmosphere, and there are no taboos. For some it is someone they know, a famous or even your partner.
  • Threesome or two perfect lovers: is a fantasy usually associated with the minds of men, have two women to have twice sexual satisfaction; But women are not left behind in this desire. In many cases one of the other companions is the couple themselves.
  • Bisexual Fantasies: many times in the fantasy of the threesome one that comes into play is a person of the same sex as you, this does not mean you’re gay, but you have a bisexual interest (which is believed to most humans are).
  • Domination and submission: these fantasies have gained popularity in recent years, perhaps related to the fame of the saga 50 Shades of Grey. They can be strong, romantic, dangerous, including sadomasochism, etc. It’s important to consider who these practices are followed and get to know the other person.
  • Role Playing : it is another popular sexual fantasy in which men or women pretend to be someone else, to get away from the routine. It is widely used in couples who have a lot of time together and thus avoid falling into boredom. You can pretend to have a different name and a different personality with Jacqueline luxury escort.

You know the most common sexual fantasies of men and women, dare to explore your sexuality and to meet some of these desires that haunt your mind. Let us know which fantasy do you have.

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