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When sexual activity ceases for a long time the body will start sending signs that you need to get laid. About this topic we’ll talk to you in escorts in Barcelona, since we know that sex is more than a way to find pleasure, it’s a necessity for both men and women.

Physical Warnings

Have you sickened more than usual in recent months? If your sex life is off is very likely that your health condition reflects that, because this activity generates welfare to the body and if you don’t satisfy that need you are more prone to illness.

It has been found that women who do not have sex often have bad cholesterol levels above normal. But, don’t think only affects the female population; men also suffer the symptoms of this deficiency.

Sex helps eliminate headaches and migraine. This is because it is a natural painkiller and when you do not practice it regularly decreases the production of serotonin and endorphins

which are the hormones that help relax the nervous system.

Another sign that you need to get laid as soon as possible is the condition of your skin. No cosmetic treatment is more pleasant than this. It helps release toxins and impurities, activates blood circulation and oxygenation, helping the face look young and bright.

Abstinence can cause trouble sleeping because the body doesn’t generate enough oxytocin. Insomnia causes irritability, poor concentration, fatigue and other symptoms that you need to be alert.

If you have a partner and notes these signs, the reason may be that sex is not entirely satisfactory. Exit the routine can be helpful, preparing a different environment for sex encourages the foreplay.

Emotional signals

Long periods of abstinence also arouse negative feelings in people. Sudden mood swings, stress, pessimism and insecurity are just some of the signs that can be noticed.

The self-esteem diminishes and the person feels unattractive. In turn, this causes anxiety levels rise and generates depression.

It’s possible that person’s desire to be with someone else decreases. Therefore they are more likely to be isolated and lose interest to seek a new partner, which causes discomfort in social situations.

It is also possible that during these periods you start to have more fantasies of the ordinary for several times a day. This is because the body is demanding you to satisfy this physical need.

There are circumstances in which we ourselves decided to take a time of abstinence and that’s not bad but you have to know when to return to the game to spare all these drawbacks. If you are ready to do so, our luxury escort Vika knows how please all your needs.

You know, if you notice some of these signs that you need to get laid, it is time to end this problem.

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