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In escorts in Barcelona we will tell you about one of the topics considered taboo around sex and we’ll shoot down 5 myths about oral sex that people often believe for ignorance or because they consider it a practice frowned upon. Does it get the woman pregnant? Do you need protection? These and other questions will be answered in this post.

Don’t believe everything people says

Perhaps it’s more common to talk about other practices but not about oral sex. This is due to different beliefs that have made it a taboo in society. As a result there are many doubts that have been generated around it and so today we wanted to clarify some of them.

Both men and women can enjoy sex with this act. The stimulus that produces is very pleasant and there is no reason not to try at least once. Let shyness aside and talk about these 5 myths of oral sex that some people want us to believe.

1. It doesn’t provoke any disease

Be careful, contrary to what many say, you may contract sexually transmitted diseases through oral sex. This is because the fluid exchange is still there and you can be infected with HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes or HPV.

It’s better to avoid this act when you have a wound in the mouth because this way is more likely transmission of disease. Use condoms or protective barriers for oral sex, especially if you don’t do it with your regular partner.

. It is unhygienic

It doesn’t have to be true. As long as the people involved have regular hygiene habits, oral sex will be safe. This myth particularly affects women and is one of the main reasons why some of them refuse to do it.

Chances are that your partner will not be agree to do it when you just arrived from your workday or the gym. But for everything there’s a solution, a shower together can set the mood for what comes next, and so the two of you will be satisfied.

3. It is like intercourse

It isn´t true that it is the same that coition. Yes, it produces a lot of pleasure and even many women say they are able to reach orgasm faster if their partner gives them oral sex before intercourse.

However, there may be no coition or oral sex within a sex session, or it can include both. People involved will decide what they want and do not want to do. But note that is not mandatory if you don’t feel comfortable with the situation.

4. Swallowing semen is bad

One of the questions about this practice has to do with swallowing semen. This fluid contains zinc, protein, calcium, potassium, and other substances that are not harmful. On the contrary, they can be beneficial.

The risk exists when the man has any sexually transmitted disease or not have good hygiene. Again, if the person does not feel comfortable doing it, it’s better to avoid it.

5. Causes pregnancies

Even when it seems obvious the reality behind this myth, it’s good to clarify it. It’s impossible for a woman to become pregnant if swallowed semen during this act because there is no contact between the sperm and eggs.

Having oral sex is not bad as some have been led to believe. It’s another way to express sexuality and achieve pleasure that has many benefits for the couple. If the necessary precautions are taken, it is very healthy and has no risk.

There are people who are more willing than others to do it and our escort Patricia is ready to fulfill your fantasies. We hope you enjoy this practice more after knowing the truth of these 5 myths oral sex.

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