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The female body is full of sensitive areas which stimulated properly will fill it with pleasure. During foreplay it’s essential to focus on these points to excite the girl, improved lubrication and make it easier to her to reach an orgasm. If you want to know which are the women’s erogenous zones, escorts in Barcelona let you know.

Female sexual map

The women’s erogenous zones are distributed throughout the body, from head to toe. Even playing with her hair can help her to relax and let her willing to sex. When you only stimulate the breasts, clitoris and vagina the relationship can become boring and unpleasant for her.

The secret behind the erogenous zones is in the amount of nerves endings that are concentrated there, which makes them more sensitive. In general, the areas are the same in all women, but everyone has their preferences and they like to be stimulated in different ways. Pay attention, prepare your route to pleasure with your partner and enjoy together the benefits of sex.

Explore and active her erogenous zones

There are three types of erogenous zones in men and in women. Primaries are those that must be excited to achieve orgasm, in this case the clitoris and vagina. Secondary and potential are those that excite and stimulate the primaries. Touch, vibration and pressure on them increase the feeling of pleasure.

Let’s see what those parts of the female body are that you should also pay attention to:

  • The neck: the skin of this area is very sensitive to caresses, kisses and even the breathing of the couple can be good. You can start tinkering around and see how she responds. At the same time you can use your hands to stimulate other parts of her body, such as the back or breasts.
  • Ears: a lot of women like to listen to whispers in their ears, but the touch is also effective in this area. You can touch it with your fingers, lips or licking. Be careful what you do with your tongue; do not “perforate” it, because many don’t like that. Try to be delicate.
  • Lips: your women likes to kiss? Most likely the answer is affirmative, because the mouth is one of the most important erogenous zones. Do not be selfish with kisses cause it’s one of the safest ways to excite her.
  • Breasts: each woman likes to be touched in the breasts and nipples in different ways: gently or hard, see how your partner prefers. In addition to using your hands also can bite them a little bit.
  • Abdomen: the area between the breasts and pubic is quite sensitive. As you come any closer to the lower part, it will be more stimulating.
  • Butt: touch, bite and kiss this area will be something that both of you will enjoy. If she is too shy make her feel comfortable.
  • Thighs: the inside of the legs is very close to the intimate area, touch it and approach her vagina without touching it. She will love the feeling and expectation will increase.
  • Knees: as you read it, the back of the knees is very sensitive and, despite that, is one of the most mistreated. Include this area in your touching, perhaps with a previous massage. The same happens with the area opposing to the elbows.
  • Feet: certain points on the feet provoke erotic reactions when stimulated. In addition, massage helps relax the couple.
  • Perineum: this small area that lies between the vagina and the anus. Most overlook it without knowing how sensitive it can be. Press it while masturbating or during oral sex to increase her pleasure.

Have you taken note on the erogenous zones of women? What do you think about exploring them with one of our luxury escorts who will guarantee your fun?

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