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Innovate and let shyness aside are essential to get out of the routine and increase partner satisfaction. Any time can become a special occasion if you know how to prepare the perfect atmosphere for sex. Play with the lights, scents, flavors, add new elements to the moment of sex and see that both of you cannot stop thinking about the experience for a good time. If you have questions about how you can do it, escorts in Barcelona have some ideas for you.

Create an atmosphere for two

The place you choose to have sex will help you to reach the maximum pleasure or ruin it completely. It has to be a place that helps both of you to relax, where you are comfortable and have no more distractions than the other. Yes, it is possible that most often you end up in the bedroom, but it doesn’t have to be like that always. Take some time to look around and find out where you would like to have a special encounter. Deciding it with your couple helps to improve your communication and to know each other a little more.

Any place you choose there are some rules that you must follow to ensure that it stimulates both of you. It must be clean; hygiene is important and not just talking about the people involved, but the place where you are about to have sex. Keep clean and in good conditions sheets close and zero waste around. Another tip is to leave problems out of it, if you have had some discussion, work it out before going to bed. If you are interested in how to prepare the perfect atmosphere for sex, begins with these two tips and try these ideas.

Warm lights

The lighting is a key point when you want to create a sensual atmosphere. If you can regulate the room lights, perfect, keep them at a low intensity. If you don’t have this option, seeks support in nightlights or turn them all off and light some candles.

The movement of the flame creates shadows on the walls, the bodies, creates greater intimacy between the couple and help set the pace of the game.

Add aphrodisiacs

You can stimulate the mouth of your partner with some aphrodisiacs. It doesn’t have to be a complicated meal; on the contrary, it is best to be something you can play with and feed each other, as some strawberries with chocolate and a glass of wine. Avoid spicy foods or they may cause allergies to your partner.

Use your bed only for sleep

It may be the most comfortable place, but occasionally is good to jump out of bed to increase the joy. If you move the couch, that is better for an erotic dance or put a blanket on the floor with some pillows and cushions and enjoy a different experience.

Includes cushions

The cushions and pillows are not just for lying, although you may need them if they are on the floor for convenience. It can also help increase sexual satisfaction in certain positions, lifting the body of the couple, making more contact there.

Keep everything handy

Imagine you’re in the middle of sex in the living room, the moment of penetration comes and you need to stop to find a condom in the bedroom. You can find few less erotic things, and certainly it can diminish the excitement of the moment. Keep all you are going to use close, including toys.

Dare to try new things

Let shyness aside and enjoy the experience of good sex with Marta luxury escort. Add toys, role plays, prepares an erotic dance and sexy lingerie.

With these tips you know how to prepare the perfect atmosphere for sex. You can always add a lot more. Massages, aromas, messages and everything to help them improve your sexual experience.

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