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In escorts in Barcelona we have the best services, a large and varied group of girls with whom you can start testing these 5 benefits of sex that will surprise you. You probably follow this practice so pleasurable regularly, but did you know that offers very good things for your health? Read on and learn more about this topic so interesting.

Many underestimate the benefits

Maintaining a sexual encounter has been underestimated by many, but in reality is a factor that can reduce stress, increase self-esteem and improve feelings of intimacy between couples. Read on and know the benefits:

1. Improves the immune system

People who have sex frequently, once or twice a week, they get significantly increase their levels of immunoglobulin. This is the first line of defense in your immune system against disease.

Experts suggest that sexually active people get sick less. Since people who have sex regularly have high levels of defense against germs, viruses and other intruders. Remember also to have sex, eat well, stay active, sleep well, and of course use condoms.

2. Increase your libido

If you want to have a more active sex life, sex will make your intimate relationships better every time, as it will improve your libido, this is one of the benefits of sex that will surprise you, because sex can be equal to more sex.
The benefits for women such as Vanesa escort, is the increase of vaginal lubrication, their blood flow and elasticity.

3. Improves that help your heart

Research has determined a relationship between sex and low blood pressure, this as a result of stress reduction for having sexual intercourse. According to a study, men who have sex regularly were 45% less likely to develop heart disease compared with those who had sex once a month or less.

Sexual activity provides similar benefits for your heart that exercise also maintains the levels of estrogen and testosterone balanced, which is very important for the health of your heart.

4. Reduces pain

Sexual activity allows hormones that help decrease pain get released, it is believed to reduce and blocks pain in back and legs, head and arthritis, for women even decreases menstrual cramps.

Studies have shown that even sexual activity helps calm partially or completely headaches, even migraines. Remember that sex can be a scape from everything.

5. Counts as exercise

Sex counts as a form of exercise, it will not replace all physical activity, but it has something. Sex burns about 5 calories per minute, increases your heart rate and, of course, use several muscles and strengthens.
Other benefits of sex that will surprise you and we cam highlight are: it´s be believed it could reduce the risk of prostate cancer (still under investigation); this activity also helps you improve your sleep.

You know, get busy! And start practicing this activity so pleasant and will bring many benefits for your body. That´s all for today about this subject. If you have any comment, please let us know them.

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